Trumpeter 1/32 Kit #02243 U.S Navy SBD-5/A-24B Dauntless Dive Bomber Kit

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Kit # 02243.  Includes photo-etched detail parts. Over 250 pcs. You can build it as an SBD-5 off the USS Lexington, 1943, or as an Army A-24B version. 

  • Assemble to a model  Length:522.2 mm   Wingspan:504.8 mm
  • Kit features clear fuselage and cowling option to display interior,
  • well-appointed cockpit, gunner station, engine compartment 
  • separate control surfaces and flaps, 
  • segmented canopy, 
  • transparent cowling and fuselage,
  • Wheel well and landing gear nicely rendered 
  • vinyl tires
  • film instruments