Set of 2 Large 1/16 Scale Trumpeter Battling Radio Control Tanks- Tiger & T34

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You get both tanks, new in box- You'll sometimes see these listed separately, but this is an unusual chance to get the Trumpeter pair of "battling" radio controlled tanks, the Tiger I and the T34/85, new in factory boxes. You can create your own tank battles between these big, pre-assembled and decorated WW2 tanks. This is a large set, in a large shipping box, so shipping will be via UPS or USPS. 

These are new, but because of size, not returnable. We do not warranty them. If treated properly they should give you many hours of enjoyment. Future service or repairs if necessary must be done at a qualified R/C repair shop.

 Note: Factory stock photo shows the Tiger in grey, this set has a desert tan Tiger I as seen in the individual pics. 

The Trumpeter 1/16 RC 2.4Ghz Russian T-34/85 Olive Green RTR Radio Control Tank & German Tiger I Tank

These fantastic Ready To Run Radio Controlled tanks come with a pre-installed Game System which operates by transmitting and receiving infrared rays (IR) between players. Two opposing tanks (1/16 Russian T-34/85 vs German Tiger I can chase and shoot each other at the same time!

The T34/85's first use was the spring of 1944. It was equipped with a 85 mm cannon. The destruction of a Tiger I tank at 1 km distance was no problem. Built to a total of about 20,000 pieces , the Russians called the T34/85 the "best tank of the 2nd World War " . This highly detailed R/C model in 1:16 scale is available in green painting. 

  • Made by WSN, the same company group of Trumpeter
  • Ready-to-run 1/16 Russian WW II T-34/85 7 German Tiger I Tanks
  • 2.4GHz 5 Channel radio system
  • Full range of movement including turret rotation & gun elevation
  • Built-in infrared tank-to-tank battlefield combat system (range up to 5m)
  • Tank shake with explosion sound when hit (defeated tank will shut down for 30 seconds after 6 hits)
  • Independent suspension & rubber rimmed roadwheels for excellent performance
  • Authentic sound and light effects with recoiling gun barrel on firing
  • Highly detailed finish - fully painted and weathered
  • Requires 16 x standard AA batteries (8 for Transmitter & 8 for tank)
  • 2 or more tanks with different frequencies can battle each other
  • Tiger I Tank in Desert Tan
  • T-34/85 Tank
  • 2.4GHz Transmitter
  • Requires 16 x standard AA batteries (8 for Transmitter & 8 for tank)
  • English Manual
  • Color Box